Risk-Free, Automated Freight Pay


HaulPay replaces manual payments and old-school factoring, giving brokers and carriers a better way to pay and get paid. Built-in partnership with Cargo Chief -- a leader in freight tech and freight broker software. 

Discover the future of freight pay. 


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Crafted in partnership with Cargo Chief.

With your journey to success in mind!

Simplify Freight Payments



Payments arrive within one day.


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Digital processing without hidden fees or interest.



Check credit on any customer for free, any time.

Helping Freight Brokers

Non-Recourse Selective Factoring, Carrier Quick Pay, Invoicing, and More

  • Offer Free or Low-Cost Quick Pay
  • Optional Advances of Your Margin
  • Automate Dealing With Factors
  • Automate Invoicing & Payments
  • Set Up or Improve Your Credit
  • Extend Terms with Less Risk
  • Unlimit Your Growth

Helping Freight Carriers

Non-Recourse Digital Factoring and Invoicing

  • Consistent 1-Day Payments
  • Eliminate Your Credit Risk
  • Centralize Your Payments
  • Automate Your Invoicing
  • Free Up Hours Per Day
  • Unlimit Your Growth

Clients Love It


"I have been with HaulPay Factoring for over a year now and they have treated me like family and has helped my business in so many ways it’s just Awesome! I’m proud of them and Bless them on many successful years to come!"

Tino at NVS Transport


"My girls are the most important thing in my life. HaulPay gets me paid in 24 hrs. This levels out my cash flow and eliminates the worry of getting paid timely. This is a huge factor in being able to enjoy my down time with my sweeties."

Alan at Tridell Transport